Goodbye Amber "Abs" Voin

Goodbye Amber

In the early spring of 2015, Owner Bill Wright and GM Micah McMonagle were in search of a coach for their newly founded Olympic Force Women's Team that had just formed to help fill the void left behind by Olympic College discontinuing their soccer programs.  It was a quick last minute search and they pretty much had to hire the first good candidate they could due to time crunch with the season fast approaching.  At the time, Amber Pratt (now Voin) was on that list as she had been the assistant at OC to Randy Lund the previous year.  Voin never got interviewed and the Olympic Force couldn't have been happier with the way things worked out.

Voin decided to play with the team half way through the season in 2016 and helped anchor down the right side of the defense.  Now we are in 2017 and the big smile and long braid are a staple on a very good back line.  Voin who played at Lake Stevens HS before continuing her abilities for St. Martins has become a beloved Force family member.  Fit as a fiddle and rugged as they come, Amber's work rate and powerful tackles help her stand out in games, and her situp regimen got her the nickname Amber Abs during pre-season trainings.

Unfortunately, this weekend will be Amber's last game with the Force as a job opportunity for her family will require a move across country.  But that's on Sunday.  On Saturday, you should come and join us in saying goodbye to Amber Abs when the Force Women take on Twin City Union tomorrow afternoon at 3pm at Gordon Field at the Kitsap County Fairgrounds.

"We wish she could stay for the rest of the season but I know she is excited about this next chapter in her life.  We sincerely wish her and her husband all the best.  She knows she is a part of this family and she knows she will be missed, but she also knows this membership card doesn't expire, she's always welcome here." - GM, Micah McMonagle