Meet the Force: North Kitsap and Beyond

Meet the Force: North Kitsap and Beyond

December 5th, 2017

Meet the "Poulsbo Boys" as they are affectionately referred to on the team, plus one from beyond the Kitsap County region. 

For the 4th season, Ismael "Izzy" De Luna will once again be the leader of the boys from the north.  Izzy has been with both the indoor and outdoor Force teams since day one.  A lack of defenders due to injuries may see him play in the back a lot this season but he normally teams up with David Meherg as the target man.

Marco "Mantequilla" Lopez.  At 24 is finding more extended playing time with the Force than ever before.  The man nicknamed "butter" by GM Micah McMonagle for his smooth play and outstanding control has focused himself to getting fit and has found more and more playing time as a result.  Opposing teams rarely score when Marco is on the floor and the it has been to the benefit of both the offense and defense that he is out there.

Tied for the youngest player on the squad this year, Alejandro Hernandez, at just 19, is going to score a lot of goals for the Force.  "Alex" played extensively this summer with the EPLWA side and is now learning to adjust his game for the WISL.  Alex already has 3 goals and 2 assists on the season and the Force are hoping he can help fill the void left behind by all time leading goal scorer Gustavo Bermudez who retired after last indoor season.

The "and Beyond" of the group is Kevin Flavin. Born on Whidbey Island and currently living in Clinton, Flavin takes 4 ferries in a round trip to play with the Force.  That kind of dedication, there's no surprise that he's easily one of the hardest working players on the floor for the WISL team.  Last year, Kevin lost a tooth in a clash into the boards to the left of home side goal in an effort to get a shot off.  The next time you're at Olympic Sports Center, check it out, he signed it for us.